Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Cider making Night

Nothing tastes better at this time of year than a hot mug of apple cider, fresh from the press. On Friday night we had the chance! My parents have the cider press and both my parents and us had apples. We only had about 5 or 6, 5 gallon buckets of apples but ended up with over 9 gallons of cider.
Our starting bucket of apples

An Apple in the grinder part of the press.
Chop, chop

Garrett cranking the grinder

Andrew cranking the grinder

Now it was Robert's turn

After sliding the tub forward, the boys start cranking down the press

Fresh Cider -YUM!!!
Once the cider is made, we strain it to make sure there aren't any particles from the stems or cores, but each batch of apples taste different. The first batch was very tart the other night and the second batch was really mild, but not super sweet. So we mixed them together for a nice mixture of flavors! Thanks Nanny & Papa for letting us use the cider press again this year!!!

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