Friday, October 14, 2011

Fire Safety Month!!

This is fire safety week at our school, but Fire Safety is the focus of the whole month. This is a great time to revisit some of those very important life saving lessons and drills.

Maybe if you can find 30 minutes with your family take time to do the following

- make an escape plan for each person from different rooms
- Select a family meeting place outside of the home in a safe place to meet
- PRACTICE the escape plan and meeting place
- TRY to practice a night time drill! See if your children will get up to the fire alarm
- Replace the batteries in the fire alarms regards less if they still have charge
- Have a list of emergency numbers by your home phone and programed into your cell phone
- Practice with the kids dialing 911 (on a play phone) and what they need to be able to tell the dispatcher

Remember to discuss Stop, drop & roll

Discuss get out and stay out when there is a fire.

Please take just a little bit of time to practice and discuss with your family to protect them!

If you live in the area,
the Fire Safety Night at Cranberry Mall is tonight Oct 14 from 6-8 Go and let your kids enjoy the fire trucks and bright lights, but let them be reminded of safety rules!

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