Thursday, October 20, 2011

Autumn wreath

As I pulled out our Autumn decorations, I found a really cute wreath that Garrett and I made a few years ago and it was so simple that I thought I would share how to make them.

For the base, I took an ice cream bucket lid and cut the center out of the lid so that I had a circle wreath base of about 2 inches.  We then went for a walk and Garrett and I found a large handful of small sticks in all different lengths and a few pine cones. When we came back from our walk, I plugged in the glue gun. With Garrett laying each stick on top of the line of hot glue, we put the sticks all the way around the bucket lid wreath form. We added a piece of ribbon for the hanger and then found some leftover silk flowers to cover up our form. We worked on patterns with this part as we put a flower and then a small light weight pine cone and then repeated this pattern.  Once the glue dried, we were all set and I have a new wreath for fall at my house, that we have used for at least 2 years now. But what a neat way to bring the outdoors in and a simple and cheap decoration.

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