Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cleaning out the extras!!!

It is the time of year, when things are somewhat slowing down and I have time to clean my house, or maybe clean out my house, Every fall, I have started going through different places in my house and eliminating things that I haven't used in a WHILE.  But what I have found that helps, so that it isn't just me eliminating things, is the garbage can that I have placed in our upstairs hallway. This is the place for things that are too small or don't fit. IT is for toys that the boys have decided that they have outgrown playing with. It is our Goodwill can. Now the things in it don't always end up at Goodwill. It has been emptied to our church's rummage sale and this month it will be going to the Venango County 4-H Trash to Treasure Sale (October 28 & 29 and Nov 4&5)  I have also started a box downstairs that I am filling up with things like the bulletin board that is too small anymore. Or the cup dispenser that we never use. Any time I find something that we haven't used, I just simply drop it into the box or can and then I know when I am making a trip to donate stuff that they are all but ready. Just pack up and go.

So to help with the fall cleaning before the holidays. start a drop it in box or can or bag and let the whole family know what it is for!

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