Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fun Spelling Words

As a parent, I know that the words "Spelling Words" can be like nails on the chalkboard to some. But here are a few things that we have done to make spelling words fun, interactive and maybe different each day Here are some ways and things we have done!
Monday - We have wrote our words on paper (I know boring, but at least then I had a copy at home to use)
Tuesday - We wrote on the windows with Crayola Window crayons or markers (fun things!) or used refrigerator letters for each word
Wednesday - we would take a test on the computer (I would say the word and then wait forever for Robert to find all the letters on the keyboard any of the ones he missed he would type them a few more times)
Thursday (big day before test night) depending on how he was doing we might write them in shaving cream on a tray; write them on a dry erase lap board; use letter tiles and arrange them like in Scrabble or go outside and spell them out loud but maybe walk up a step for each letter.

I have also seen spelling words in sand (just use your finger or it might be mud around here right now) or use sidewalk chalk and write them outside as big as possible.

But my creative spelling words have been sidelined for now as Robert is learning to study on his own and Garrett doesn't have spelling words just yet. So I hope these ideas help someone who is tired of spelling words the same way for the past 5 weeks and is looking for a new twist on spelling words - if nothing else for Mom's sanity!!!

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