Monday, April 9, 2012

Trip to Georgia - Easter Break

Haylee with the Easter Egg Hunt
Well, the last week has been a whirlwind, but Catherine and I loaded up the kids and went to see Caren in Georgia. We took 6 days for our trip - 2 to drive down, 2 to spend with Caren and 2 to drive back. We stopped at the New River Gorge for a break, stayed over in NC and made it to Georgia on Tuesday evening. We spent one day at Jacksonville Beach and one day exploring Valdosta State University, seeing where Caren works and what she does. We had the chance to meet friends of Caren's, which was great to finally put faces with the names. And then Caren found a great little place, that had alligators to view outback and then we had some delicious seafood/fish and all got to try alligator tail. Caren hosted an Easter Egg Hunt for the kids and then we had to load back up and head for home. We stopped again in NC overnight and then made it home on Saturday evening. It was a fun trip for such a short visit, but the kids had a great time and we all got to visit Caren!!!!

Warming the Bench at Valdosta State

Andrew shooting baskets

Robert shooting baskets

The younger 2 at the beach

The older 2 at the beach

Watching football strength and conditioning practice

Playing a little soccer at Valdosta

Aunt Caren and the boys!

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