Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Milk Truck

For those who know my family, you might remember that in 2000, my Dad was in an accident on Interstate -80 and rolled the milk truck. This in turn meant that Dad needed to purchase a new truck. Well, 11 1/2 year later, it is time for him to purchase another truck. The aqua teal pearl coat truck is no more, and Dad is now driving an International, red truck. Dad picked up the truck while we were on our trip to Georgia, so as soon as the boys had an opportunity (Monday - they were still off school) they went to check out the truck and give it their stamp of approval. I had texted Dad to let us know when he was on the way into the farm. Well he said he was on his way, well the boys and I waited and waited, but never heard him pull in. He finally called the house to see if the boys were coming or not. So here is a look at the new truck. It still needs lettering on the door, but at least if you see the red truck coming - you now know that it might be Charlie.

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  1. Sorry to hear about what happened with the accident. Even though 11 and a half years is a long wait, I think it is all worth it, as the new truck of your Dad looks amazing! The red color surely stands out. Based on the picture, the boys really love to play with it. When I was young just like them, I also used to like trucks because of their larger-than-life sizes.