Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Flowering Cross - book and activity

I stumbled on a great Easter Activity when I purchased the book "The Flowering Cross" by Beth Ryan at a local discount store. This story is about a little girl who befriends the neighbor man and gets him to attend church on Eater with her. At the church they have a flowering cross, where flowers are placed on the cross during the service. The neighbor then goes home and makes a smaller version of this cross for on the Easter table.

The lessons in this book are incredible. First that children can lead others to our Lord. Second, that we are to reach out to our neighbors in love. And third, that on Easter Sunday the cross of Jesus became a living cross.

Now as a kid our church had a cross, that was filled with potted flowers for our "Living Cross." So when I found this story I knew that it was to help remember what I had experienced in my youth. But I hadn't seen the pattern at the end of the book for the tabletop cross. When I got home I found the pattern. Luckily for me, my husband is a wonderful woodworking and he easily made me a couple crosses. I was able to share with 2 other homes this story this year, but I went back and bought a few more book, so I can pass this along to a few others.

But here is what our Flowering Cross looked like this year and hopefully we will get to share this for many years to come and with many others.

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