Thursday, April 26, 2012


This evening was a night of preparing kids for things to come. Garrett has surgery in the morning, so we talked about what was going to happen (again) then we got his pj's ready and we added a hospital like tag to his little lion that is going with him. To make an admission hospital tag, take a zip tie and write very small and then attach to any stuffed animal. Our zip tie was green so now Garrett wants to know what color his bracelet will be???

We also prepared Robert for his first Boy Scout camping trip. The weather doesn't look like it will be prime camping weather. Actually it looks like 30's for overnight temperatures and rain on Saturday. So extra socks, rain coat, extra sweatshirt, extra socks, long johns and an extra blanket. As a mom, I know that if he is in the right mind set he will have a great time, or with the wrong mindset, this could make or break camping and scouting for him. So I have put both of the boys into the Lord's hands. Keep them warm, comfortable and safe. I think that will cover both of them for the weekend!

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