Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garrett's missing front teeth

Garrett missing his first tooth
Last week on the first morning of our trip to GA, Garrett was brushing his teeth when whoops -out popped his first tooth. Yes it was wiggly, but he was going to have Aunt Caren pull it out when we got there. (She is relieved that it came out because she confessed that she isn't really into teeth!)  So we had a small container with us just in case it came out. So we found the little bottle and went to breakfast where, a donut was then the downfall of the 2nd loose tooth to come falling out. Garrett lost 2 teeth in less than 20 minutes. Rather impressive! So then the discussion was "Will the tooth fairy find me while we travel?" "Or do I need to keep this until we get home?" Just so you know - the tooth fairy found Garrett at the Lake House that we stayed at and he was quite happy about life.

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