Friday, January 13, 2012

Holiday projects

I haven't been on this blog much in the last month, let alone in a timely fashion, but I had a few projects that I needed to finish for Christmas gifts. Now that they are completed and given, I can now post them here and share what I've gotten done!!! This is a double sided t-shirt quilt for my brother-in-law. He gave me 50 5K and marathon shirts and asked for a quilt. Well here it is!!! Boy was a double sided quilt like that difficult. I just knotted it instead of quilting it, But was very pleased with the finished product.

Here is one of 3 bed bags that I made. These are actually large pockets with little pockets inside. This has a matching pocket behind it and then there is a piece of plain fabric between the two. The plain fabric goes under the mattress and then the pockets hang out over the box springs on both sides. The kids can put pens/pencils, glasses, books or whatever they want in their bed bags.

 And then there is the dress-up buckets that I made for my niece. I also made a bucket for storing tractors in for my nephew, but didn't get a good photo. It's amazing what you can do with Mod Podge, some fabric and a bucket. Plus, I added the dress up items to the bucket too! But these make great storage and are inexpensive! Here is what I wrote about these the last time I made one-

So you see, I was a little busy trying to finish up projects. But what fun gifts to give!!!

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