Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Easy Recipe Clip

Just remove the recipes and the clothespin swings right up under the counter- hidden!
I have a lot of the recipes that I use frequently either printed out and in full page sleeves in a 3 ring binder or I have a few on recipe cards. But the problem that I had with those were the recipe cards would get messy and then I couldn't read them or with limited counter space, the binder took too much space. Then one day I saw this great idea in a magazine, (I would give credit if I knew which magazine but I don't) anyhow they drilled a hole in the end of a clothespin and then screwed it up under the bottom lip of their wall cabinet over the counter. So I came home and found a clothespin and quickly drilled a hole and found a small screw. I screwed the clothespin up under the cabinet right above the counter that I use most of the time when I'm baking. I didn't screw the clothespin really tight, but tight enough to be able to swing the clothespin up flat and keep it hidden when I''m not using the clothespin, but when I need to make something, it can easily be dropped down and then the recipe clipped into the clothespin. This has been a great addition to my kitchen and I have added them in several places. This way I can hang the spelling word sheet on the clip, read spelling words to one of the boys and still work on getting dinner ready, too. And SO simple!! 

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