Sunday, October 7, 2012

Flag Football Mid Season

Flag Football season is half over and I have only taken pictures a couple of days because we have been sitting in the rain on a regular basis! With the rain it seems that Garrett easily finds as much mud as possible. The boys are both improving and enjoying the game of football this fall.
I might know why he didn't make that catch...hmmm

Ready, set...

I will catch him
After a game - lots of mud, it was even on his face and in his ears,
 but he had 3 touchdowns this evening!!!

Where's the ball?


HE ran faster than I thought - ran right in/out of picture

Going in for the touchdown!
 Both boys have made a few touchdowns so far and are doing great. Thanks to the coaches from the Keystone area for letting these kids have a great time while learning about the game. Thanks!

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