Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pastor Appreciation Month

It's not too late to be thinking about Pastor Appreciation month! October has been set aside as Pastor Appreciation month - so have you told your Pastor "Thank You"? There are a couple of ways to thank your pastor, it all depends on your relationship with your pastor and their family and your family budget. You could offer to watch their children for an evening out if they have children. Maybe a gift card to their favorite restaurant or bookstore. A handwritten thank you note goes a long way that you took the time to say "thanks". You could deliver coffee & cookies or donuts to the office one morning or try to find a way to bless your pastor once a week or 1 day a week throughout the month. I know there is only 2 days left of October, but it is never too late to say THANK YOU! We are having a little fun with our Pastor this year, with it being near Halloween and making sure he gets his share of candy, here is our Pastor Poem. Where appropriate there is a candy bar included in the gift bag! Make sure you take the time to say Thank You!!!

This may not be a 100 Grand, a Mint or Payday,
But we have something we would like to say.
You have given us a few Snickers in your sermons.
You have improved our Bible Smarts
We have Leaped for Joy (Frogs)
You've helped us think beyond the Milky Way.
For these things we are Beary Thankful.
Thanks for being our Pastor!
Hugs & Kisses,

Our gift bag will include the following: A 100 Grand candy bar, A York Peppermint Patty, A Payday candy bar, A Snickers candy bar, A handful of Smarties, A bag of Gummy Frogs, A Milky Way candy bar, a bag of Gummy Bears and a bag of Hershey Kisses. A really simple, but a fun way to say Thank You!

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