Sunday, October 14, 2012

Diaper Cakes

Sometimes the best part about being invited to baby showers is getting those creative juices flowing. I had that opportunity this past week.  I started making just a diaper cake. I had made one before and it wasn't too difficult, so I figured a simple 3 layered cake would be fun. And so I made the simple diaper cake.

But something didn't seem complete. So I was looking around on Pinterest at other diaper cakes and then the light bulb kicked on. The grandpa(to be) of this little one is a mechanic and a tow truck driver. And what little boy doesn't love - MATER the tow truck? So here was the idea, but how to pull it off. Well, my friend, Kellie stopped in and offered her assistance on Monday and we ended up with the basic shape before she left. Then it was the outside coloring and wheels. The coloring came from 2 flannel blankets, that I made so they were close to the right color. And then the wheels. After several attempts that made it look like a monster truck, after several phone calls to friends to give suggestions,  I figured it out that the wheels went into the fenders and that they had to come up over the blankets for the correct shape. So here is my MATER in diaper cake form!


  1. WAY CUTE!!! you are sooo creative!!! thanks for sharing!!!

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