Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coffee Filter Butterflies

While Garrett was home form school, it was May Day. Usually we deliver baskets of flowers to some of the neighbors, but with the seasons and flowers being all confused, Garrett and I made coffee filter butterflies to share with our neighbors.
This is usually really simple, but we had 1 small problem, I didn't think about his new markers being "washable." Very seldom do I purchase the washable type of markers. Kids are going to get markers on them anyhow and it does come of eventually. Well we tried the first filter and the color washed right out of it. Oops - okay let's get older markers and try again.

These are the markers that worked! not washable!
After the first little mistake, we then made several colored coffee filters, where you put color on the filter with a marker and then with an eye dropper add a few drops of water so the colors run together.  I did try to figure out how to dry these inside. When I saw the suction cup hooks that we use in our shower for scrubbies. I moved one to each end of the shower and stretched a string between the strings. miniature clothespins that we use for our art clothesline and we were set. Garrett could add the water and hang them up by himself.

We had all sort of colors

We then took clothespins, the slide on kind and added faces. When the filters were dry, we folded them to make our wings and slid 2 filters on each butterfly. We made cute little envelopes with hangers and then waited til May 1st to go hang them around the community. These worked really well and turned out adorable.

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