Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Are you planning for summer?

I am not referring to planning the family vacation or trip, but are you planning for every day this summer? In order to hear less whining, complaining and fighting, I do try to plan a little bit for summer. There are craft projects already purchased for days when it is too super hot to be outside all day. Things to keep Garrett busy while Robert is working on something. Things for them to work on together.

Thankfully Robert is involved with 4-H and has his project books and activities to work on. He also has Boy Scout merit badges. So he usually can find something to do.

We are also blessed that we are involved with our County Fair. The book of things that can be entered will be printed on June 1. Garrett and I will sit down and highlight what he would like to enter in the fair and then, we get to work. If he wants to enter a photo, we might take cameras and go for a hike or to the park and just have a photo shoot. If he wants to build a rocket, I have the kit already purchased(he has started one when he was off school for his tonsils) But if they want to be in the sandbox all day- go for it. If they want to play with the waterguns - go for it.

I do keep a list of things meant more for rainy days -and things to do each week. Some of those things can be taken outside too, but sometimes we forget about board games in the summer. Things like puzzles are left until winter.

 When Robert was younger, we did try doing themed weeks.  Things like
-Water Fun week
-Bubble Week
Bug Week
Color Week
Number Week
Alphabet Week
Circus Week
Flower Week

These are just a few ideas of what we did. Lots of times I would look in Oriental Trading for ideas of things to do for each of thee weeks for a craft, I usually do not purchase 12 crafts for 2 boys, but we find something similar.  With the themes, I would find activities, science projects, crafts, games that tied into each of the themes.

A little planning for summer saves a lot of headaches.

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