Sunday, May 6, 2012

Bertha's 90th

Happy Birthday!
Yesterday our family celebrated my Great Aunt Bertha's 90th birthday. It was a very nice afternoon of seeing extended family that I haven't seen in a few years. But it made me reflect on my great aunt. The things that she has lived through and what she has accomplished. Amazing! If you have an older relative, even your parents or grandparents. Take time to ask questions about what it was like when they were younger. Ask if there are pictures that they would share with you. If you happen to be lucky enough to have them share them with you, take a minute to write a little label on the back or a caption. You will be glad that you did later in live or someone else will be glad you did. Hearing stories that were shared made my aunt come more to life to me. So don't let these beautiful people who have contributed to your life slip by without learning about them.

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