Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Leaf Collage

With the turn of the seasons, and upcoming 5th Grade Leaf Project, our house spent some time on Friday night out in the woods looking at leaves. We had the chance to observe how different in shape, size and color the leaves are. Not only that but we also looked at how big or little the trees were. As Robert was identifying leaves with his tree book for the ones that he need for the leaf collection, Garrett was just looking for unique shapes and sizes and colors of leaves. Both boys came back to the house with leaves but for completely different purposes.

Garrett and I created a leaf collage and 2 simple supplies. Contact Paper and leaves.  I took 1 piece of contact paper, took the paper off and let Garrett place the leaves that he had collected onto the sticky side of the contact paper. I then took another piece of contact paper, cut it to the same size and placed it sticky side towards the leaves. And we now have our Leaf Collage. Currently it is being used as a place mat, but we have also hung it up on the window before for our leaf stain glass. Either way it is a great way to let the kids sort leaves by size or by color or if they are really into it by shape. But not matter what it is a fun fall decoration and a great way to get the kids outside for a fall walk too!

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