Sunday, September 18, 2011

Chore Charts made Easy!

Both of my boys have chores here at home that when they have completed all the chores for the week, they do get an allowance for. And after several attempts we finally found that a chart that had blocks on it and was enough for a whole month worked the best. At first I couldn't figure out why Garrett wasn't using his chart, he had completed the jobs, but nothing was marked off. Then it hit me that he couldn't read the titles of the blocks. So back to the computer I went and I added little graphics to help him identify each of the chores. This had been working rather well, but I had to keep running off chore charts, which meant that if I was running behind then the chores didn't seem to get done. But now I have made yet one more adjustment to our chore charts. I slid each into a full page photo sheet. Now the boys can mark off their chores with a dry erase markers and I'm no longer printing out chore charts! (well except for at the beginning of each season- we do try to rotate jobs and what is expected depending on the season!)

So now I know that chore charts need to be readable (or picture readable) and dry erase markers and photo pages work great!

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