Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Children's Sermon From an ear of corn

As I prepared for Children's Sermon this week, my hands were busy husking corn and then cutting it from the cob so that I could put it in the freezer. But this is what came to me and this is what I shared with the kids.

I held up a small kernel of corn and asked what we could do with it. IT was just 1 simple kernel of corn. After some discussion we decided that we could pop it, or plant it. Well if you go drive around the countryside, you can see field of corn almost ready for harvest, but what do you think about those farmers? Did they go out and plant the seed in the dirt and leave it alone. Wait correction - not dirt soil, or did they go out a week after planting it and dig up the seeds to see if anything was happening? Well if the went and dug it up there wouldn't be any corn, but they were patient and waited on who? God- right. God provided the rains because we don't normally see farmers out there with watering cans watering each plant? And he provided sunlight and heat for those plants to grow. But still what can 1 simple kernel give us? Well you see with God great things are possible and from 1 kernel God can multiply it (at this point I pulled from my bag a large full ear of corn with hundreds of kernels) into hundreds of kernels like on a full ear of corn. But that is only corn. How does this effect us?

Well in the Bible it talks about the tithe, or tenth of the harvest and income is to be offered to the Lord. So if you get a $1- 10 cents should go to the Lord. And you will still have .90 cents. Sounds okay doesn't it? He can multiply that money to do great things for his kingdom. How about your time? Could you give an hour to help someone? If we all gave just one hour- well we would have a whole work day (there was exactly 8 kids on Sunday!) So we could be like that simple corn kernel and plant ourselves in God's word and grow in the ways that he directs and he can use us to multiple the number of Christians in his kingdom or increase the time available for his use or increase the amount of money available for him to do great things with.

So the next time you see an ear of corn or just a corn kernel, remember that you can multiply things for God just like that kernel will multiply from 1 kernel to thousands of kernels!

-I then gave each a package of microwave popcorn and we closed in prayer.

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