Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snow Days!

Last year I wrote several ideas of the things that the boys and I did on Snow Days! Ideas from last year can be found at the following links: tents inside and shaving cream painting & snow plows for toy trucks.

This week we have had 2 snow days back to back. So time to get busy! We have been talking about providing little decorations for some folks that we know that are in nursing homes or are living by themselves just as a way to brighten their days. Yesterday was a great day to get started.
I got out the fun foam and the "s'mores" snowman kit that I had purchased earlier this year and off we went. We talked about making the S'mores guys and door hangers so that each of the boys were giving something different. So after about 2 hours of working on them, we have a tray full of really adorable s'mores snowmen and 6 or 8 door hangers that both boys worked on and now we just need to send them or deliver them to the folks we worked on them for.

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