Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chinese New Year's

February 3rd is Chinese New Year's this year and it is the year of the Rabbit. We have been doing fun things for a couple of year's for Chinese New Year's. This year the boys were at my mom's a couple of weekends ago and she got them started with decorations. They came home with dragon masks, that were made out of a red paper plate and a piece of ribbon and a spoon attached as the handle of the mask to hold in front of their faces.

Tomorrow we will be having some type of stir fry and chicken possibly sweet & sour and egg rolls. Depending on the weather we might get a few chop sticks and give them a try again . And Garrett and I will be making some type of dragon and probably some paper Chinese Lanterns. But since we haven't made any of those yet, check out some cool ideas for Chinese New Year Crafts here:

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