Monday, February 14, 2011

Pirates and Valentine's Day

Garrett was Captain Hook for Halloween and ever since has really been into Peter Pan & Captain Hook. Well Disney channel introduced their new line up today and the new show is  "Jake and the Ever Island Pirates" (that might be the correct name?) anyhow, Garrett was SO excited because it was going to have Captain Hook on too. He has been looking forward to this (thanks to the commericals) for the last week. Last night as I was tucking him in he told me "I'm so excited for pirates, I can't sleep!" But he did finally fall asleep. But how do you combine pirates and Valentine's Day?

Well Garrett got up and was dressed very early and he was offered his Captain Hook jacket but decided he would rather have his pirate ship instead of the jacket today. While he was watching the show, I took fun foam hearts and hid them around the house. When the show was over, I asked if he was ready for a treasure hunt? To which I got an excited "yes." So I gave him a small bucket, that I picked up a few years ago after Valentine's Day, that has a slot in the lid for on kid's desks at school. And off he went looking for his hearts. He really got into this but really it is just an Easter Egg hunt with fun foam hearts. He could have played for hours, but unfortunately I still had errands to run. So maybe we will play more pirate things the rest of the week. But that was how we combined Pirates and Valentine's Day!

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