Saturday, September 26, 2015

Venango County Fair 2015

A Look at the New Barn
This year was a very exciting fair as it was Garrett's first "real" year as a 4-H'er. but it was also difficult with Wyatt and trying to figure out how things were going to work, but everything worked out great! We had a fair week without rain which was a blessing all in itself, the New livestock barn was completed for the opening day of the fair, the boy's goats were in the new barn(which they thought was really cool) and on top of it all they both did REALLY Well!

For Garrett's first year- he hit a home run. He entered 4 projects and placed on all of them. He received 1st place on his Woodworking project, 2nd place on his Small Engine project, 1st Place with May (his breeding meat goat) and 1st place, Grand Champion, and Jr Showman with his Market Goat- Pickles! What a way to start his 4-H career- I'm not really sure how he is going to follow that next year, but look out because he really liked spending time with his animals and then reaping the rewards!

Grand Champion Market Goat
1st Time in the Sale Ring and he has a Banner!
Small Engine Project
Woodworking Lamp
Breeding Meat Goat
Robert also did really well this year. He entered his lawn tractor as a display for his Small Engine project and received 1st place on it, he finally got to pull his tractor in the garden tractor pulls and it did respectable and he placed 4th with Mighty 4(his market goat), but he earned Best Bred and Owned Market Goat. Robert also had Missy- his breeding meat goat which he goat a 1st place with.

Reserve Champion Breeding Goat
Small Engine Project
And then there was Wyatt- who spent the whole week at the fair in the camper and was passed around through the fairgrounds to our "extended 4-H family members." I'm sure that this is just the beginning for Wyatt and he will be there for many years to come.

Wyatt in a box!
The best way to be at the Fair
We had an added treat of having Gary at the fair all week too! He usually is working through the fair, but it worked for him to have off this year- which was very nice!

So 2015 4-H year is coming to a close and the boys did well and I'm very proud of their accomplishments and I'm holding my breathe as I wait for the plan for next year!

The Schick Boys- no one knows what they are up too!

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