Saturday, September 26, 2015

Father's Day Children's Sermon

I thought long and hard about my children's sermon for Father's Day. And then I decided that I would take a look at what Dad's do and here is what came from that. I did have to think about the occupations of our congregations men and then find a few titles that would fit some of God's jobs.

As the children came up I greeted them and asked if they knew what day today was and if they had a good time at Vacation Bible School (it had just been the week before). I asked them if they could help me as I had some questions for them- they said that they would help. I asked them to raise their hands if the answer was yes. So I asked how many of you have a Daddy that's a professional artist? They looked at each other and no one raised their hand. Hmm I said, well let's try this- Who's Dad is a shepherd?- once again no one raised their hand. (I did have one ask if a farmer counted? I asked did he have sheep?- Nope was the answer and I returned with well I guess not) So then I asked who's Father was an engineer- you know the kinds that design plans for roads or bridges or buildings? once again no hands went up. Hmm .. I have a few more, but I was getting confused.  How about a Horticulturalist? (I had to explain a professional gardener) Once again no hands went up. How about a Zookeeper? No hands there. Maybe a Weatherman? Nope. A Composer? Nope. How about a Lifeguard? Still I didn't have any hands go up. One more - How about a Doctor? Not with this group of kids.

So then I said to the children "What if I told you your Father was all of those? Would you believe me? "And so I started to explain that yes today was Father's Day, but how often did we remember God on Father's Day and the many things he does for us? So let's look at those job titles again. IS your Father an artist?- of course who else could paint the sunrise and sunsets so beautiful or create such wonderful flowers. IS your Father a shepherd? - Of course because we are the sheep of his pastures. Is your Father an engineer? Of course he is who made the plans for the World and the Ark? How about the Horticulturalist? Well let's start at the begin and look at the Garden of Eden- must have been good with plants. Is your Father a zookeeper? Who else takes care of the wild animals? Is your Father a Weatherman? Yes actually he is better than the weatherman he gets it right and he controls the weather. Is Your Father a composer? Yes- just listen to the birds or the crickets or the bullfrogs- who else can create that beautiful music? Is Your Father a lifeguard? Yes He is saving lives every day by having people believe in him and giving them eternal life. Is your Father a Doctor? Yes he is the Great Healer of all.

So as we think about Father's Day let's remember to be thankful for our heavenly Father who is always with us and is pretty talented too!

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