Wednesday, September 2, 2015

A 9 year old!?!

It's hard to believe that Garrett turned 9 this June, but it's true! We celebrated his birthday over a couple of days. On his "real" birthday he selected his "favorite" meal and we had Wings and fries. Now I knew that we were having a family get together so we had Banana Splits with candles on his birthday. Now while we were eating his birthday meal the power went out so we ate dinner by the light of the Coleman lantern, but they came back on:)

A few days later, when the weather was nice we had family come over and had a cookout and Cake and ice cream. He wanted the theme to be dirt- check out the "dirt" cake that Nanny made for him this year!

Happy 9th Birthday Garrett- Hope it was a great one:)

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