Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentine's Ideas

We are having yet another snow day, but we have things to do. Garrett's teacher was kind enough to send home the Valentine's Day list of students and asked that they make a Valentine's Day Box. Well Garrett has decided to do Duck Dynasty, but I hate putting lots of money into Valentine's Day Cards when we can make them or print them for free- just the paper and ink. A few years ago I posted of a great little website that has free printable so here is the link again to that post

and here is the link to the free greeting card website that has all sorts of characters

 But with any computer and a few graphics you can print your own unique Valentine's and with a little thought into the sayings and what your kids might be into.  We have had John Deere, Firetrucks , now Duck Dynasty- those are just Garrett's.  Snacks and crafts are a completely different thing. But why not try your hand at making your own Valentine's.

Another place that you could use is Wordle. Here you type in words and then they arrange them in fun designs of different sized fonts and colors. Have you kids make a list of words that are used around Valentine's Day, type them in and see what comes up- it's pretty cool.  Here's the site to check out

Click here to see my Valentine's Wordle Wordle: Valentine's

But be creative and have fun!!!!

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