Saturday, February 15, 2014

PA JR Holstein Convention

Robert, Andrew and friends from the Dairy club left on Thursday for State College for the PA JR Holstein Convention. This year Robert was competing in the Dairy Jeopardy contest, the display contest and 3 entries in the photo contest.  Andrew was in the Dairy Jeopardy, and 3 entries in the photo contest I went down for the Jeopardy contest just to see how it was ran and how Robert did. Well Andrew and Robert didn't have to directly compete against each other , but they were in the same age division. Andrew did well, and a couple of questions he would have had if they had asked him to be more specific, but he didn't have a score enough to move on to round 2. Robert's score got him into round 2 but he didn't move on to Final Jeopardy. In the end, Robert placed 6th and I didn't figure out where Andrew placed out of 15 participates. But they both did a good job representing Clarion/Venango/Forest Holstein Club.

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