Monday, September 2, 2013

Threshing Saturday

Saturday morning, my Dad called and said that today was the day! He was so excited, he would be over to get the boys. The Landers Farm was threshing!! This is a family that Dad was raised with and he remembers threshing days and was so excited to share it with the grandsons.  Mom and I went up a little later. For those that don't know- threshing is how they use to harvest the grain crops, but instead of a combine going through the fields, the grain plant had to come to the machine. This involved a lot of people,  several pieces of equipment and lots of hard work and sweat.

First there is the binder that went and tied the bundles of oats and left them in the field to dry.
Then there was the tractor and wagon that went through the field and picked up all the bundles, by forking them onto the wagon

Then the threshing machine is attached to a tractor with a belt drive. This tractor runs the threshing machine. Then you have an other wagon to collect the grain and a pile of straw blows out the other side.
The boys had a great day watching and helping with the threshing day and my Dad got to share something special with the boys! 

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