Saturday, September 14, 2013

PA Jr. Dairy Show and All American Showmanship Show

Last weekend, we traveled to Harrisburg for Robert to show is red and white Holstein heifer one more time.  okay 2 more times. Robert qualified to take her in July and has been working with her all summer. On Saturday morning into the ring he went and there were 18 other heifer against his. He started out in 5th, but the judge did notice her faults, and she dropped to 9th. But to be in the top 10 in the state in the 4-H program is AWESOME!!!!  More importantly, he received a Master Showman- which is where they are judging his ability to show his animal. 

Sunday morning he entered the ring against 150 other intermediate youth from 14 states, in the All American Jr. Showmanship contest. There were 9 heats in his age bracket and unfortunately he didn't move up to the 2nd round, but he did do a fabulous job - there were just others that did better.

Robert in 9th place

Robert & Endear

Robert and Endear in the showmanship contest

My nephew Andrew also qualified for the state show with his Guernsey heifer. He also showed in both shows. Andrew received 8th place in his 4-H class and then he was in the Jr division on Sunday morning and competed against about 150 other youth. He didn't move up in the heat either, but both boys did a good job and were willing to step up and take on a National Show and that is pretty cool all by itself!

Andrew and Orion

Andrew in the ring for showmanship

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