Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sorting simple colors

I am currently babysitting my niece who is 3 years old. She and I have been doing all sorts of activities together. But today she requested playing a simple game that I had given her 2 weeks ago.  So since she asked for it, I decided to share it here. I have a large jar of glass beads of all different colors. We took 4 plastic cups from the cupboard and assigned a glass bead color to each cup just by laying them in front. Then we took a handful and let her sort those shiny glass beads into the cups. Nothing fancy and nothing expensive, but tons of learning. The hand-eye coordination, the color and shape matching and it was SO simple and quick.

After she had everything sorted we did check each cup to make sure that the colors were all the same. We also counted how many beads were in each cup. Next time maybe we will count and talk about which one has more...  This kept her busy for 10-15 minutes, not bad for no prep time.

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