Friday, January 25, 2013

Frozen "Marbles"

Okay, with the extreme cold that we have had recently , it seemed like a great time to try the "Frozen Marbles" that I have seen on Pintrest. Well yesterday morning, the boys had a little time and we grabbed the balloons and food coloring. I hadn't shown them what the outcome was, just said that we were doing a science experiment while they were are school. We actually tried this 2 different ways. First we filled the balloon and then added the food coloring. Worked great for balloon number 1, but number 2- well let's say we had blue water EVERYWHERE! So we then put the food coloring into the balloon and then added water- this seemed to work a bit better.

The boys sat them on the porch swing in the "deep Freeze" at temperatures barely reaching 15 degrees yesterday. When they came home, they were very excited to check them out. But when they went to pick them up- they weren't completely frozen. So we waited over night and this morning they were solid.  We picked them up and peeled the balloon off of them. They are so pretty at this drab, cold time of year that they look very "cheery". So you might want to find ways to use the cold rather than hide from it.

Things that you might want to try:
Have you ever blown bubbles in freezing temperatures? Sometimes it is really cool!
How about which freezes ice cubes faster- the freezer or outdoors?

So how do you use the outdoor cold for fun?

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