Tuesday, January 29, 2013

1st Pinewood Derby

This weekend was an exciting one here. This was the first time that Garrett got to participate in the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. He has been working on his car for a couple of weeks. He learned how to use a coping saw, a wood file, and a wood chisel. He found out that he really likes 800 grit sandpaper and that painting details can be tricky (he had more details than there was space on the car). Saturday morning he was up early and he isn't a morning person, but he was ready to go. With his car in hand and Dad by his side they went to the weigh-ins. He was 5.1oz so they had to drill out a little bit more wood. Then he patiently waited and checked out the competition. 54 cars were entered in the race this year. When his car was up to race he stood at the end of the track. If he won you could hear "YES" and if he lost he quietly took his car back to the table to await the next race. He won 6 races and lost 4. His car ran well, but there were a LOT of fast cars this year. Twice he had to rerace it because the lights didn't go off and the judges couldn't tell who won - so some very close calls.

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