Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dressed Up School folders

The boys had wanted fun folders this year for school, which I didn't have a problem with until we went to pick up our school supplies and there really wasn't things that the boys liked on the folders. (Robert did find 2 that had verses on them that he thought was cool)  So we discussed what we could do with the folders to make then fun and in the boy's  mind "cool." We picked up a few of the basic folders and brought them home. Well today as we were packing backpacks, they remembered that they wanted to "fix up" their folders. So after a few minutes on the computer. They had each picked out a couple of pictures from things they had done this summer and then (of course) we had to add a few tractor motifs. After we printed out each page on the color printer, we then cut them to shape and with a little Contact Paper, we attached them right to the folders. Now the boys have "cool" personalized folders to keep track of their papers this year, plus a great way to remember the fun they had this summer. Not only did this keep school shopping a little cheaper, it also made it unique - no one else will have a folder just like theirs!

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