Sunday, August 26, 2012

Cooking with Macaroni & Cheese

The other day, the boys wanted to cook lunch, so I let them "cook" their own lunch. They decided that macaroni & cheese sounded good. So together they cooked the macaroni (asked mom to drain it) and then they added the cheese and stirred. I suggested that they try adding something to their Mac & cheese, that it could be their base, but maybe they needed to try changing it a little bit. After a little discussion, and looking through the cupboards and the refrigerator, they decided to chop up pepperoni and add it to their mac & cheese. They then put some on a plate and sprinkled oregano on the top. (as they were doing this they asked if I would put it on the blog - so I am)

I would like to present to you their "Peppy Macaroni & Cheese"
It was actually pretty good for what they started with - they decided that next time they would use more pepperoni!

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