Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Reading Bags

Our local Library has a great resource for preschool children, but it kind of stops at that age. They have reading backpacks. These backpacks have several books, an activity and maybe a movie that all relate to a theme. Well Garrett wanted one of these book bags, but was disappointed in the themes offered. So after thinking for a little while, I decided that each week, I could easily make him a backpack that was themed from the things that we have here at home. This way maybe he will read some of the books that get missed and play with some of the things that he has forgotten about. I can also sneak in some writing , coloring and learning activities.

This week's backpack theme - FIRE TRUCKS AND SAFETY
I pulled 4 great books off the shelf - Nippy the Fire Dog, Big Frank's Fire Truck,  Tonka Fire Truck to the Rescue & The Magic School bus Gets All Fired Up (A Fire Safety Story)

I then checked out our drawer of videos and DVDs and found 2 which I added to the bag - "There goes a Fire Truck" & "Firehouse Dog"

Then an activity which I could have added several but I turned to the puzzles and we have 2 puzzles that are Fire Trucks and I dropped both of those in. One is a big floor puzzle from Melissa and Doug and the other was a little more challenging with 60 pieces.

Garrett is thrilled with his themed backpacks and I am too as it get him thinking in different areas and using some of the stuff that gets put on a shelf and forgotten.

I will try to add the other themes as I get them pulled together.

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