Friday, June 8, 2012

Backyard Campout

Now that school is out and the rain has stopped the boys decided to have a camp out last night. Robert had pitched the tent and Garrett was all into sleeping out. They both made it through the night and were up with the sun. Now if you camp out you also have to have breakfast outdoors. Robert wanted to try something new, so we tried omelets in the pie iron. I don't mind cooking over the fire, and I do know how, but the boys do not have as much experience. So they got up and had the wood collected and together we got a fire going. We put the grate over the fire ring and then mixed up the 1/2 dozen eggs and a little bit of water and salt and pepper. We greased the pie irons, poured in our egg mixture, added a slice of ham and a little cheese. Then carefully set the pie iron on the grate and tried to keep it level.

This is what a 1/2 cooked omelet looks like, it had puffed up and looked great! We made up all of the omelets and had our outdoor breakfast. The boys thought this was an excellent way to start the day and are now looking forward to other pie iron recipes to try

Robert decided that this was fun and easy - it received 2 thumbs up!

Our pie iron omelet - Yum!

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