Saturday, December 3, 2011

Easy Baby Gifts

Hooded towel

Recently in our neighborhood there have been a few additions, new babies. I am always looking for gifts that are practical and used a little longer than the first few months. So I have started making large hooded towels. These aren't very difficult as you only need a washcloth, a bath towel and some binding material. I cut off the edges of the washcloth and get it square. Then fold it in half. The folded edge becomes the edge of the hood, while the other 2 sides meet with the sides of the towel when put on an angle. I then zigzag the washcloth to the towel. Then I use a binding strip that starts at 2 1/2" which is folded and pressed in have and then I fold in the edges to the center and press. I open the 1/2 fold and wrap that around the edge of the towel and zigzag all the way around the towel, for a finished look. These are great gifts as there is not much worse than a wet squirmy baby and not enough towel to help get the baby dry and help keep you dry too. These towels can be used for years to come as I still have boys using their hooded towels now and then. These would make great Christmas gifts too!

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