Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas on Sunday?!?

Has anyone else noticed that Christmas lands on a Sunday this year? Has this caused problems with the traditional Christmas Morning events? Have you heard these words in your home..."Do we really have to go to church on Christmas morning?"  I have heard of several houses having this very conversation to which I answered, "take a minute and think about what you are saying...."

When it comes to our birthdays, here, we try to have it on the birthday or after the birthday (Mainly because before the birthday doesn't really make sense - the first time around the baby wasn't here, yet) But to celebrate a birthday you usually have the honored guest present, there are guests to help celebrate, there are decorations and gifts and sometimes something to eat (maybe cake & ice cream) and a song. So on Christmas morning will all of those things be there?

 In church- the chosen place for the celebration.
The Honored Guest - I think Jesus will be there.
Those to celebrate with - will you be there?
Decorations - I think they might already be up
Gifts - Have you given something to Jesus this year? Time? Your Heart? Your money to help the kingdom?
Something to eat - in some churches there might be a coffee area, but this isn't required
A Song - Will you be singing his praises this year and be part of the Jesus Christmas/Birthday Party?

If not you are missing out on the most important Birthday party of the ages!!!
Think about it... Christmas on Sunday - seems right to me!

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