Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ukrainian Eggs

Well, with the Easter Season upon us we had a great opportunity yesterday to not only learn a little bit about family cultures of Gary's family, but also a craft or art. We went to Nanny's house and learned how to design an Urkaine Egg.  Robert, Garrett and myself all made an egg. Then Garrett decided that was enough for him, but Robert was really into it. "Can I make another one?" "Can I come back tomorrow night after school?" Learning to color thing in reverse was a little difficult unless you stop and think about it, but our eggs turned out fairly well and we learned how this art is done and had the opportunity to try it out.  Steady hands was not our strength, but I'm sure that with practice, we would be much better at it!!! Check out our eggs:

Robert's egg #1

Robert's egg #2

Garrett's 1st egg (both sides)

And I tried my hand at it too!

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