Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter at Our Place

Checking out the Loot

Garrett hunting for eggs. It's rain or shine here!

Easter at our house was a little crazy, but school is back in and things have gone back to "almost" normal. Garrett went to the Easter Egg Hunt in Salem, but Robert didn't get to go this year because he was weighing in his pig for his 4-H project. We spent Easter morning at Sunrise service with my family and Robert & Andrew got to help cook breakfast again for the Easter breakfast. (This has become a "big" thing for both boys & Papa too!)  We then came home, found our Easter baskets and then went to church at our church. Then we went to Gary's parents and had lunch with his family. We did get to spend some fun time with Josh, Katy, Elizabeth, Laura Ann & Conrad while there, plus we went and visited on Monday too! It was a busy break, but the kids had a good time and anything to fill in the time of an Easter break that was 90% rain was helpful!
(Thanks Aunt Caren for our suits! They looked great!)

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