Friday, October 22, 2010

Halloween night lite

I have to share this fun quick nite light that the boys & I came up with today. First of all, the Family Fun October issue got me thinking about how you can use those  battery operated tea lites. If you check out look up their "eye see you" idea. They took a pingpong ball , cut a hole in the bottom, used markers to make it look like an eyeball and then put the battery operated tea lite into the hole. They are pretty cool. But I didn't have any plain ping pong balls at my house and I keep forgetting to grab some from the store. But today when the boys and I were going through the Halloween storage box, I found the orange hard plastic pumpkin shaped candy boxes that the boys had gotten candy in a couple of years ago. I looked at them and immediately thought "night lights!" So I measured the light's flame and it is about 3/8". I took the drill and the 3/8" drill bit and drilled a hole in the bottom of the candy box. I then taped the box together on the edges and sat the candy box on the tea light. The boys loved them! And all it took was a 3/8" drill bit and about 10 minutes time(maybe)
Hope you have a safe Halloween!

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