Friday, October 22, 2010

Easy Sheet Changing idea

I really dislike having to change the sheets on the beds in our house. Several are still up against walls so it makes it a bit harder. But one thing that we have done to make this job a bit easier and a little bit quicker, is to put the sheets for each bed in a plastic bin under the bed they belong on.
This works great for a couple of reasons
            - you don't have to look through all the sheets to find the matching pillowcase
            - you don't have to go to the linen closet ( which would be downstairs ) to get the sheets
            - in the middle of the night it is much quieter to find those sheets than to wake the whole house
            - you can have your "little helper" pull the box out from under the bed while you are pulling off the last sheet and they feel like they are helping
           - older kids (& husbands) won't ask "Where are the sheets?"
          - older kids can reach their sheets and put them on themselves!!
            -You have just gained a lot of space in your storage area!!!!!!
I know this isn't a cool craft or anything earth shattering, but it does save time and space. Please understand I am trying to straighten and organize my home just a bit more and this is one thing that we are keeping the way it is because we have tried other ways and this seems to work the best. So I just thought I would share it with you!

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