Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween at our House!

Garrett's Mater Pumpkin

Robert's Pumpkin

OK so having Halloween over a weekend was great here. We actually started on Friday night and went through part of Sunday. Friday night we finally got to carve our pumpkins (Robert had been sick until Thursday and not really up to it) So to get everyone into the mood - we had Spider Pizza. I made dough in the bread machine and made a pizza, but I held back a ball of dough and rolled 8 leads that I placed on top of the pizza and then a small (biscuit sized) ball in the middle of the legs to make a giant spider on top of our pizza.  Then we carved our pumpkins. This year we tried the patterns because Garrett had a Mater pattern for pumpkins. I think this might be the first and only time that we do that! I think it is more fun (and less frustrating) to let the kids be creative and design their own faces of the Jack-O-Lanterns. Robert was a little abstract this year (but he wanted to use the drill to drill holes) and Garrett's is Mater!

Then Breakfast I was at it again. I planned on French toast, that I had cut the bread into shapes of ghosts and pumpkins. I cooked the ghosts first and then added raisins for eyes. Once I had the ghosts cooked, I added orange food coloring to the egg mixture and then made our slightly orange pumpkin French Toast. Lunch we had hot dog mummies (use refrigerated biscuits to wrap hot dogs like a mummy) and Finally for dinner we had stuffed shells, that if you cut cheese to look like teeth, you can make small little monsters looking up at your family from their plates. (teeth-cheese, eyes options mushrooms, olives or we used small pieces of bread crumbs. They were really cute- but in the craziness of my house I forgot to take a picture!  
This is something that Andrew usually joins us for is dinner before the Community Halloween party at Salem. SO we also had green Kiwi Strawberry juice with Sprite in it and called it Witch's Brew.
And then we went to the Halloween Party!

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