Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day & delay

Thursday Robert didn't have school and Friday he had a delay. As dumb as this sounds, I enjoy snow days as much as the kids do. I try to take it as an extra day with the boys and we usually find all sorts of things to do. Now that Robert is in Cub Scouts and 4-H, he always has something that he could be doing. We took this opportunity. One thing he needed to do was build a model display. So we went to the basement and found a piece of wood, he measured and drilled the holes that he needed. Then he sanded and painted the board. He put dowel rods pieces into the holes and now has a model rocket display board, which will keep his rockets from falling off the shelf. Garrett and I worked on his wooden clothes hamper that I am making and he sanded some of it for me while Robert was working on his stuff. Robert worked on his goat project book for 4-H and Garrett and I started a "snowman project" We took an empty cereal box, pulled the seam apart and put it back together with tape inside out. Then I gave him, white paint and his paint shirt, and let him go to it. Currently we have the box painted but haven't finished the face for our snowman. I always try to have little "projects" around for the boys to do on a snowy day.

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