Thursday, January 28, 2010

Recycled candles

I have been collecting a bunch of used candles that have been around my house. After Christmas it seems that there are a bunch of parts and pieces of candles or ones that the wicks are gone. Yesterday I took an old pan and create a double boiler. The pan was 1/3 full of water and the jar of near empty candles I sat in the middle of the pan. With the heat on, I carefully remelted the odds and ends of candles and then poured them in layers into new jars. For the wicks, I had picked up some wicking at a craft store and I used a nut from my husbands tool box as a weight at the bottom of the jar. Empty cherry jars and small pickle jars sometimes have fancier glass areas, or for a country style, canning jars work great. Just make sure that your wick is long enough to either tape to the top of the jar or wrap around a stick across the top of the jar. I was able to eliminate 4 jar candles that were used as far to the bottom as possible and several candle sticks and ended up with 2 new jar candles in cool layers that will look great and will last a while. Please be very careful with open flame (if you have a gas range) or id you are doing this with small children around (I did this while GArrett took a nap!)

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