Tuesday, April 15, 2014

GPS Resurrection Eggs

I have done this for a couple of years and each year I do it a little bit different, but I take our Resurrection Egg set and go out and hid the eggs in order and mark their location on our handheld GPS unit. Usually something like "Egg 1"- each egg gets it's own waypoint program.  Then I give the boys the GPS and tell them what they are looking for. Each child gets a turn to be the leader and be in "control" of the GPS and when we find the egg- we stop and read the reading that goes with it and open it to see what is inside. Then trade leaders and off to the next egg location. This has provided some good time for discussion about Holy Week and we have even invited others to join us in the hunt for the eggs- which is a great way to share the Easter Story with someone.  Maybe is you have friends that like to geocache- tell them that you are setting up a 12 stop find and then share the waypoints with them- what a fun way to share God's love with  others.

Our Resurrection Egg set is one that my mom made up for my boys years ago and doesn't look exactly like this, but these are available in a variety of locations and work just as well.

So have some fun with your GPS and the Resurrection Egg Set!

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