Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Children's Sermon- EMPTY

I was once again given children's sermon for Easter which I totally love doing, but I do try to step it up and hit it from a different angle when I do have this opportunity. So the more I thought about what I was going to do, the more the thought of "the tomb was empty" ran through my head. So here is what I ended up with.
Before service you will need a box(empty) and you might want to make it look pretty.

My EMPTY Easter gift-
Praise the Lord it was EMPTY!
"Good Morning, and Happy Easter! You all look quite handsome and pretty in your Easter outfits. Well look what I have here- an Easter Gift! Now that is exciting, but it reminds me of a couple of months ago. You know when the snow was on the ground and we were celebrating another holiday with presents- Christmas! Exactly and you know without Christmas and Christ coming to the earth we couldn't have Easter, but well let's see what's in my box!" (With this I let a few of the kids take a really quick peek into the box.) " well what's in there?" child replied "nothing" "what- someone else had better check this out" (so I let another child take a quick peek) "so what's in there?"  "nothing" replied the child. (To this I couldn't believe that someone would give me an empty gift, so I go ahead and open then box and find that it is EMPTY!)  "Why who would give me an EMPTY box? What a dirty trick for someone to play- no chocolate, no baby bunnies, not even a jelly bean!!!" ( I am acting like I am mad, but I change me tune) "Wait a minute, isn't that why we are here to worship today? to celebrate an EMPTY tomb? But who celebrates EMPTY? Do you have a party when the ketchup bottle is EMPTY?  No one would do that? And what do you do when the milk is EMPTY? Complain to someone that we are out of milk. What do you do when the peanut butter is EMPTY? There is no party, or anything so is there anything that we have a party for or celebrate being EMPTY besides the grave of Jesus? (And the kids and the adults thought about this- one child said when the dishwasher was empty- to which I explained that it meant that the dishes were all dirty or someone had gone hungry- the dishwasher doesn't stay empty long and who ever heard of and "Empty Dishwasher Celebration?" One adult said that their bills to be paid bin was empty and I pointed out that so was their checking account- and that isn't a celebration.)

So today , Easter, we celebrate something very special to Christians everywhere- an EMPTY TOMB- which means that our Savior lives!!! Happy Easter! HE Lives!!!! And we closed in prayer.

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