Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Schick Scouting update!

March has come and gone in blink around here. But we have had several accomplishments this month  to celebrate.

On the Cub Scout Level- Garrett earned his Wolf rank and therefore has moved up one more level in Cub Scouts.

Gary & I had 22 of 23 of our scouts earn their Wolf rank- that's pretty awesome and we are excited at what these boys have accomplished!

Boy Scout Level- Robert had a few things to finish up. Well he finished those and that was like lighting the fuse to a rocket.  Robert finally got 2nd class and then 2 weeks later 1st Class! YEAH! But then this past Monday he was voted into the Order of the Arrow Boy Scout Honor Society. So now he has a weekend to attend for that and he will be an OA member!!

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